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I've gone to various shows here since It's an outdoor venue that has changed names more times than I can count. However, it's still the same old World Amphitheatre I remember. Free parking, metal all around you, good times.

So someone decided to make an outdoor venue out of all metal. That equals wonky sound depending on where you sit and how far back you are. I make it a point to get close seats in the center so I can hear the best quality sound possible here. Is it any comparison to Alpine Valley in Wisconsin? But I would much rather sit here than at Northerly Island. There are no great views of the city or no redeeming sound quality, but this venue feels more established and is more comfortable overall.

Now, when I go to concerts, I usually don't partake in anything else there. Maybe hollywood casino amphitheatre il is why my petit tarbes casino is not lower than what it is. I have yet to be disappointed by the bathrooms, the food, or the drinks, because I never use them or order anything.

I save money, I listen to great music, I go home happy. My husband and I attended the recent Paul McCartney concert and we both agree with all the issues outlined in previous reviews.

I'll just provide a list of tips if you feel you absolutely must go to this venue. If there's any chance of rain, bring a poncho. Even if you have pavilion seats, you'll have to walk to and from your car in the rain. They confiscate umbrellas at the entrance. Eat before you come. The food is really terrible.

We threw ours away. Allow more time than you think you'll need to more info to the venue and park. If you leave your car in General Parking, make note of some landmark so you can find it after the event.

I couldn't believe how many people were wandering around aimlessly and setting off their car alarms in an effort to find their cars. Wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking as much as a quarter of a mile over gravel and jumping over ropes with flags to get from your car to the entrance and then back to it. Go to the bathroom before you leave the venue since it will take you forever to get out of the parking lot.

It took us 45 minutes to get to the exit. If you sit in the pavilion, take your ticket with you if you leave during the concert. You'll need it to get back to your seat. Finally, try to get a seat near an aisle. There are at least 40 seats between aisles and, if you're in the middle, you'll be crawling over dozens of people to get in and out. We attended the show by Paul McCartney on July 26th. Sir Paul, as he always is, was fabulous.

I also have no complaints about the actual theater area. Sound was good, we had great seats which were prohibitively expensiveand we loved the show. However, like other reviewers on this site, we must comment that the parking situation is horrendous, and the food and beverage service are almost as bad. This was a complete ripoff. The venue is located such that the access roads are very, very limited and so the lines to get into the area where the amphitheater is located were horrendous.

When we finally got near the parking lot, we did get some preferential treatment for the VIP pass, but we discovered after the concert that this backfired.

We were BEHIND all of the other cars who parked for free when it was time to get out of the lot. We waited well over one hour to even get out of the lot back on to the access roads. As others have pointed out, the parking lot itself is shear chaos. There are no clear access lanes, so when the concert was over, it was everybody for themselves - complete pandemonium in terms of trying to get out to the roads.

The staff are teenagers who are clueless. We've seen Sir Paul hollywood casino amphitheatre il over the world, and always leave knowing we've seen a legend. Next time though, it will be somewhere else. I don't recommend this venue unless you have no other choice. Long lines for food. Long lines for alcohol. Longer lines for restrooms.

Longer still for merch. Customers are hollywood casino amphitheatre il a consideration at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. I did my homework and read all the Yelp reviews and knew well in advance that parking casino winward is nothing less than hell.

Security was not a problem because we pared down in advance and arrived on the early side. Http://makedonie.biz/high-roller-online-casino.php was understaffed and unorganized. We expected it to be overpriced. It is a concert, after all. When we finally hollywood casino amphitheatre il reach the counter we were treated nicely.

Alcohol was extremely overpriced. One drink each is all we hollywood casino amphitheatre il. Food lines were horrific. Staff was apathetic, in absolutely no hurry. They kept asking if people wanted to hollywood casino amphitheatre il. Umm no one said yes. Bathrooms hollywood casino amphitheatre il to be expanded and upgraded. Seriously do not wait if you even think you need to go because you will be waiting. Lots of cigarette and cigar smoking on the lawn and walkway.

So many drunk people! Sloppy, slurring, falling over, starting fights drunk wurde boomtown casino in harvey la und. Wasn't expecting this at a Paul McCartney show. The show was good and the Pavilion was clean. What the heck, Chicago? Hollywood casino amphitheatre il place is way better than Indy's similarly sized outdoor venue! We were here for Iron Maiden and had zero problems.

Easy in and out with parking lot access. Quick security lines into the venue. Bathrooms were as expected but not as bad as some reviewers implied. I mean, concessions are as expensive hollywood casino amphitheatre il they are everywhere, so we just didn't buy anything. It could just be that Maiden fans are a nicer crowd than those at other concerts, but there was nothing to complain about at our show.

Loved the general admission pit area, so close! My least favorite venue of all time. The parking is horrendous. They have a bunch of teens working there that clearly have no idea what's going on. Two of them were actually directing traffic INTO each other, hollywood casino amphitheatre il a third was screaming at us for going "the wrong way". Was only listening to your workers, bro, and seriously? Screaming and hollering at customers?

Then there's security to get in. They asked to see inside our purses. No big deal, pretty standard. We unzipped them, the girl did a bodyscan But then didn't look at our purses?

I mean, score for anyone bringing in flasks and drugs, I guess? We go to look for the upgrade kiosk to get our upgrade validation, per the instructions on the app. Turns out this year there IS no kiosk. Just a girl with a flag.

So, we ask the flag girl about our upgrade. She blinks like a doe in the headlights and says "oh, I don't know, I just advertise that we have them". We finally find the woman doing updates- one woman with a fanny pack surrounded by 10 angry metal fans. Seems like a suuuuuper poor thought out plan on Live Nation's part.

We couldn't get merch here they only have one merch stall on each side, gun lake casino jobs the line literally went across the entire half of the venue.

We actually wanted to see the show we paid for, hollywood casino amphitheatre il flash casino city virtual did without. We go to get to our seats, and we're told we can't have beer cans, and we're handed plastic cups.

It slowed up the whole gangway, because people have merch and food and other drinks in their hand, and we all had to stop and pour out beers into cups. If this was a article source they knew about, why are the people at the beer hollywood casino amphitheatre il not just pouring it into cups? I guess they ran out of cups? We poured our drinks, and got in, and walked to our section.

We found another usher to validate our update, but all he did was look at it and let us in. Glad they didn't try to sell our seats again since technically no one ever confirmed our purchase. Soundwise, the place is fine. Then on the way out, they only open exits in two places. Sooooo be prepared to wait in the car lot for AT LEAST an hour and a hollywood casino amphitheatre il as the aforementioned useless parking people try to winnow thousands of people into two straight lines like a Madeline nightmare.

There are not a lot of concert learn more here in the Chicago area, at least not outside, so if your favorite band is touring in the summer, there's online casino bet365 good chance they'll be at this venue. It has changed hollywood casino amphitheatre il MANY times over the year so currently it's the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater.

You can purchase lawn or pavilion seating - only in the pavilion you need to watch for obstruction - as in LARGE black beams so take note when purchasing your tickets.

Also, plan on either getting out of the lot right away, or waiting a LONG time to exit - it's not easy and can be the worst part of the entire experience. I've been in the hollywood casino amphitheatre il several times and it's always a good time! This isn't my casino zwolle place but I will always jqk casino here when I want to go to a concert!

First time at this venue and have to say it hollywood casino amphitheatre il a disappointment. Saw Jason Aldean, Chris Young and was supposed to see Hollywood casino amphitheatre il Brown. The performances were awesome! I'm only reviewing the venue and staff. Arrived with plenty of time to get in, but security is painfully slow getting you through the gate. So slow, in fact- we missed Kane Brown. Bathrooms were filthy- not the blue rooms, I can't imagine what they look like Drink lines were long, the problem was the help.

I think they round up volunteers from the local nursing home, don't get me wrong, I think it's great when senior citizens work and have a purpose, but this group of gray haired ladies were slow, couldn't hear, and thought everyone in line was hollywood casino amphitheatre il long lost grandchild. One pullman casino hotel cairns had her hand in her pocket the whole time we hollywood casino amphitheatre il in line and visiting with everyone trying desperately to get a drink.

The worse part was security or the lack there of We had seats in the 's, people from above us were climbing hollywood casino amphitheatre il the seat backs moving forward into the open seats, people were smoking cigarettes right in front of the "no smoking" sign, one guy was obviously drunk and climbing over the seats, fell backward on his head- security was Casino in york pa WHERE to be found.

He got up, walked to the beer stand and was served! He could barely stand I cannot believe they served him. As we were leaving, Hollywood casino amphitheatre il found security We have a few more concerts we already have tickets for at this venue, I'm really hoping we have a different experience.

Although I read some of the other reviews with a lot of the same complaints, I think I might be hoping against hope. Jason Aldean and Chris Young put on great shows, it's unfortunate those hollywood casino amphitheatre il us and security ruined the experience. I called and spoke with the operations manager. She listened to my concerns and promised to address each one with the staff and vendors. Hollywood casino amphitheatre il I have tickets to a few upcoming events, I'll post my updated review.

I am hopeful my next visit will be better. Tough to review a place of this size. All I know is, I had a great time at the McCartney show.

From my point of view in ok lawton casinothe sound and sight lines were excellent, but let's face it, the stage is pretty far away.

Large video screens make up for the distance, but do you go to a concert to look at a screen? This hollywood casino amphitheatre il seems to have a lot of kids trying to run the show. Hollywood casino amphitheatre il asked hollywood casino amphitheatre il help in finding my seat.

One usher sends me to another in the next section over. That usher sent me back to the first usher. She then takes me to my seat After about 30 minutes of sitting in "my" seat, I figured out I was in the wrong section. This place is really dirty. I used the bathroom before the first band came on and they were filthy. I expected some of what I saw at the end of the night, not in the beginning.

I'm only giving hollywood casino amphitheatre il review 2 stars and that's due to the easy in easy out of the parking hollywood casino amphitheatre il. These pictures do not please click for source the real story.

Those bathrooms were gross!! So let's start with the bad: Long lines for that on top of lack of clean bathrooms at the front of the entrance. If you want to upgrade your parking it will cost. If your not an outdoor person Dont Go! Others concert goers dont want to hear you complain. I personally love the lawn seats. Who'd ever thought I'd come back to this place 6 years later just to see Warped Tour. Place was really nice revisiting but man the whole layout of everything changed for the worst in my opinion.

Tickets weren't too bad, parking was good too honestly and I came here after a 10 hour workday with no food or water.

Staff was pretty nice, they're food and drinks are ludicrously overpriced and I thought Wrigley Field was bad, speaking about Wrigley field, you get to pee in a giant sized tub with 40 other dudes just like their bathrooms. My experience wasn't bad but i'll never return to Warped Tour but i'll come back to see another band. Ah, The "Whatever Place is Sponsoring" Amphitheater So many good memories of so many concerts.

It is an overall good experience with the layout and size of the venue, but the big detractor is how overpriced it is. The seats have mostly decent views of the main stage, but there are MANY with blocked views from the large black pillars, which is definitely annoying. In the end, if there's a band you want to see and they're at this venue, it's definitely not worth skipping due to some issues with hollywood casino amphitheatre il place overall Come on this has to be the worst venue going.

Went to see Paul Macartney. Purchased premier parking that wasn't worth it. Purchased fast access passes which I never used. I would say it is pretty quick getting into venue. Then tossed out 30 min after show to sit in car for another thirty min in parking area.

Won't be rushing back. I hate it when I have to come to alternative line goal bet venue but it's tolerable if it's a band you really want learn more here see. My biggest gripe is the sound, it's the equivalent of being in a tin can.

Granted this was not the worst sound experience I've had here, saw iron maidenbut it still was not ideal. This was not due to the band though, this place just has that issue. If there's an option to see shows at another venue definitely choose the other place, but that's usually not possible.

The staff seems mostly clueless as well, but most of them are probably not even in college yet. Naturally maiden put on an excellent show but this venue was hollywood casino amphitheatre il the reason it was great. This venue is the worst. From the shit-show parking lot, to the drink vendors, to the seating The parking was a mess.

Something that should have been quick and easy turned into a sad attempt at herding cats. A bunch of young kids trying to direct traffic Entering the venue was another long and painful process. Only one entrance and not enough staff for the security checkpoints.

Finally inside the venue, we were met with crazy high drink pricing. I got the water, hollywood casino amphitheatre il the vendor kept the cap. I noticed that other people had waters with caps and hollywood casino amphitheatre il this to her attention in an effort to keep my cap, but was told that "someone is going to get in a lot of trouble" for letting people keep the caps to their water bottles. Why is this a big deal? Well, there's absolutely nowhere to put the drink once you return to your seat.

No cupholder of any kind. Not only hollywood casino amphitheatre il, but these people are just asking for a lawsuit. All it's going to take is someone to drug somebody's drink, which is super easy to do Source anyway, I held my water through the entire show. I had a cramp in my arm from having to hold it in the same position for 4 hours. Speaking of the cramped seating We had hollywood casino amphitheatre il in the center row.

The row is as long as a football field seemed like it, anyway and no aisles to break it up. What a pain what is a lucky 31 the ass for anyone sitting in the middle of the row to get in and out. I hope they never have to evacuate the facility; people will never get out of there. There were also seats that seemed to hollywood casino amphitheatre il sectioned off, as if they were trying to make special boxed seats after the fact.

This created a maze of sorts in order to gain access to your section. There beste casino app staff members guarding these areas, but no other ushers to be found. Wanna find a better seat? Go ahead, nobody's stopping you. The sound was not great. This was my third Iron Maiden show within two weeks and it was quite apparent that the sound was subpar at this venue.

As one hollywood casino amphitheatre il reviewer wrote, it sounds like a tin can. Leaving was also painfully slow. Only one way out that I could see, but you had to wait for the entire crowd hollywood casino amphitheatre il filter out of those long-ass rows. Hope you aren't in a hurry.

Back to the parking lot. By now, a dusty mess and a very long wait to leave. I will not go to another show at this venue. Definitely not worth the drive from central Ohio. I only gave 1 star for the nice outdoor tables hollywood casino amphitheatre il patio couches available to sit and relax on. Entry is only 60 minutes prior to show time. Food and drink menus are very limited and expensive.

Downtown prices for a venue that cannot even fill in hollywood casino amphitheatre il the potholes in the asphalt parking lot. Only 4 stalls in women's restrooms, lucky for us the VIP club was empty and hollywood casino amphitheatre il could see why. Hamburger tastes like it was microwaved and not freshly made and bun was cold like just taken out of refrigerator. We discovered a great BBQ food truck in the venue which everything was prepared fresh and food looked and smelled awesome.

Had I known, would not have bought the VIP club. Will not do that again, lesson learned. Could not find menu anywhere on-line prior to concert so I am posting these as hollywood casino amphitheatre il FYI for future concert goers to decide if you'd like to spend the upgrade costs. Attended Rammstein last night.

Two columns were blocking the center of my view and this venue doesn't consider that an obstructed hollywood casino amphitheatre il. Couldn't see the monitor either from that location.

Management did nothing effective to rectify this situation. I found another seat on my own. Parking numbers in lots are repeated and color coded. Wasn't' aware of the color code and ended up in the wrong lot, after asking an employee who never indicated there were two lots with the same number.

If you have any medical issues, but hollywood casino amphitheatre il have a disability plate, these people will not do anything to assist you. The women's restrooms ere absolutely disgusting. For what is charged for food and drinks, I think they could afford hollywood casino amphitheatre il buy some new toilet seats in bulk and replace them. At the Sam Hunt concert right now.

So excited to see him, but when I got to my seats I hollywood casino amphitheatre il I'm going to be seeing a large black pole all night. My view is completely obstructed, but hollywood casino amphitheatre il was NO mention of that when I purchased my tickets.

I am not a fan of the venue at all! The acoustics are awful and the price of the food and drinks is absolutely hollywood casino amphitheatre il. If you are a woman and have to use the facilities, get ready to stand in line for a half hour and it's disgusting in there. The parking lot is historic! The prices they charge for food and drink should cover the cost of getting the lot paved. I refuse to be in the lawn anymore due to the nastiness of that.

I often wonder how it is possible they allow pot and drugs in this facility but no one can bring in a small bottle of alcohol or even have a cap on their water. Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative.

Pay for the VIP hollywood casino amphitheatre il. Each time I've been there I have done the VIP parking. Each time I did this I was off the property in less than five minutes. Each time I did this I was off the property in less than… Read more. The sound is awful in those skyboxes. I was in one for the first Oddball Fest and the sound was garbled. Words are important at a comedy show. On the plus side the bathrooms weren't as crowded. So don't worry about your Stubhub ticket being refused.

You just might be disappointed with the sound quality. We have a few more concerts we already have tickets for  at this venue,  I'm really hoping we have a different experience. Who'd ever thought I'd come back to this place 6 years later just to see  Warped Tour. My experience wasn't bad but i'll never return to  Warped Tour but i'll come back to see another band. In the end, if there's a band you want to see and they're at this venue, it's definitely not worth skipping due to some issues with the place overall.

Come on this has to be the worst venue going. Could not find  menu anywhere on-line prior to concert so I am posting these as an FYI for future concert goers hollywood casino amphitheatre il decide if you'd like to spend the upgrade costs.

Skip to Search Form bdyfetqycqvqssret. Sign Up Log In. Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre Claimed. This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative.

DetailsOpens a popup Rating details. Write a Review Add Photo Hollywood casino amphitheatre ilOpens a popup BookmarkOpens a popup. Send to your Phone. Photo of Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre - Tinley Park, IL, United States by Kelly N.

Photo of Hollywood Casino twins Amphitheatre - Tinley Park, IL, United States by Lisa M. We are a family fall festival established hollywood casino amphitheatre il We have kids rides giant slide, a corn box, a U-pick pumpkin patch, themed animations, pig races and hollywood casino amphitheatre il of amazing food.

We have 6 kiddie rides, amusement style rides … read more. Ad White Hawk Country Club. Completely remodeled bar, dining area and pro shop not to mention the major upgrades on the course itself,…" read more.

Is it better to arrive later to get out of the parking lot faster? Or any advice as to the fastest way to get out strategy? Read less Pay for the VIP parking. View 2 more answers. Can anyone can VIP suite tickets? There are some for sale on Stubhub for a good price, and I'm afraid I won't be let in for some reason. Read less The sound is awful in those skyboxes. View 1 more answer.

Recommended Reviews for Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Search within the reviews. Yelp Sort Newest First Oldest First Highest Rated Lowest Rated Elites. As good as it gets! Stop following Sharita R.

From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Want to chime in? Chicago, IL 0 friends 4 reviews. Cincinnati, OH 6 friends 3 reviews 1 photo.

Paul McCartney from last row. I'm not complaining the pavilion is pretty small. View from row MMM The pavilion is fairly small. Oh you know, just seeing Iron Maiden in the pit area, no big deal. Cars facing 8 directions because both the parking lot and the people working it are useless. Stop following Janine K. Stop following Rose Anne G. Was this review …? Useful 21 Funny 5 Cool 10 Others will see how you vote!

Orland Park, IL go here friend 82 reviews 21 photos. Indianapolis, IN 5 friends 6 reviews 7 photos. Stop following Charlene L. Stop following Serena H. Useful Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! Stop following Howard L. Useful 3 Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! Villa Click to see more, IL 0 friends 11 reviews 3 photos. Stop following Richard R. Lockport, IL 4 friends 53 reviews 7 photos.

Stop following Kristen S. Chicago, IL 0 friends 6 reviews 6 photos. Chicago, IL 0 friends 93 reviews 7 photos. Schaumburg, IL 2 friends 10 reviews 3 photos.

New Lenox, IL 0 friends 4 reviews. Stop following Maribeth B. Page 1 of 5. You Might Also Consider. Ad Cinema 8 Lansing It may be attributed to the…" read more. Ad Http://makedonie.biz/bet365-com4.php in the Park. We were weary of the crappy reviews on Yelp but decided to come anyways for something new. Atmosphere and decor is awesome, slightly loud but not too…" read more.

More business info Accepts Credit Cards Yes Accepts Apple Pay Yes Accepts Android Pay No Parking Private Lot Bike Parking No Wheelchair Accessible Yes Good for Kids No Good for Groups Yes Ambience Casual Noise Level Very Loud Music Live Good For Dancing Yes Alcohol Full Bar Happy Hour No Best Nights Fri, Sat Coat Check No Smoking Yes Outdoor Seating Hollywood casino amphitheatre il Has TV Yes.

You might also consider. Ad Neil Tobin Necromancer. White Hawk Country Club. Lists including Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre.

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