Blue chip casino buffet Blue chip casino buffet Options Buffet Opens at Blue Chip Casino

Michigan City, IN PRWEB December 17, Blue Chip Casino today announced the opening blue chip casino buffet Options Buffet, a seat, table restaurant that offers more than delicious food selections and a spacious, functional, contemporary ambiance to enhance the dining link. Six food stations span foot serving line — half blue chip casino buffet length of a football field — so that diners can choose from a wide range of cuisines and foods and receive prompt service, as well.

The food action stations, which are themed and color-coded for easy identification, include: American Bounty, for hand-carved meats blue chip casino buffet home style comfort foods, such as meatloaf and mashed potatoes; Italian, for homemade pizza and freshly-made pastas; Asian, for stir fry dishes, lo mein noodles and egg rolls; The Broiler, for ribs, steaks and rotisserie chicken; Designer Salad, for made-to-order Greek, Caesar and betlive 500 salads as well as specialty soups and Dessert, featuring a lavish chocolate fountain, hand-scooped ice cream, fresh fruit, cakes blue chip casino buffet pies.

Options Buffet hours and prices are: Breakfast, 7 a. The opening of Options Buffet follows two other restaurants that have opened at Blue Chip Casino in recent months: Blue Chip Casino, a wholly owned subsidiary of Boyd Gaming Corporation NYSE: BYDis located near the Lake Michigan shoreline on Hwy 12 in Michigan City, IN.

A new casino under development will feature 65, square feet of gaming space article source one level. Current amenities are a pavilion complete with fine dining, meeting space, valet parking, parking garage and an attached blue chip casino buffet hotel. Reach out to the author: Questions about your PRWeb account or interested in learning more about our news services? Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc.

PRWeb Home News Center Blog United States United Kingdom France. Options Buffet Opens at Blue Chip Casino. Blue Chip Casino, Michigan City, IN today announced the opening of Options Buffet, a seat, table restaurant that offers more than delicious food selections and a spacious, functional, contemporary ambiance to enhance the dining experience. Share article on social media or email: Contact Author Toni Antonetti. Questions about a news article you've read?

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Blue chip casino buffet

The area's favorite hot spot is Blue Chip's entertainment and dining venue. Select from a blue chip casino buffet featuring Midwestern favorites with a Las Vegas flair! Then party the night away to the best in live blue chip casino buffet. Dining Hours Reservations are not required, but are recommended for dinner. Night Club starts at Must blue chip casino buffet 21 vao moi nhat link 188bet of age or older to enter the Night Club!

Tuesday Wine and Canvas 5: Payment Options AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa. Get wild at It"s Vegas Baby! Book a bottle service with us on the weekend and keep your table while partying the night away to the best in live entertainment.

Complimentary valet parking is also available. We offer private and semi-private dining for up to 40 people. We feature prix-fixe menus to suite any budget along with open bar and consumption bar packages. If you prefer something lighter, we have several passed appetizers selections to suite any catering need.

Chilled shrimp tossed in homemade cocktail sauce. Served with toasted pita chips and a sliced pretzel baguette. Jumbo shrimp breaded in coconut. Served with orange ginger glaze and homemade cocktail sauce. Tuna, seared rare in lettuce cups with Asian slaw and mango salsa. Crispy jalapeños stuffed with a blend of pepper-jack, cheddar and spicy cream cheeses.

Served with a warm chorizo cheddar fondue and fire-roasted salsa. Potato, cheddar, onion and sour cream filled spring rolls. Served with a bacon cheddar cheese sauce.

Three sliders stacked with house-smoked pulled BBQ chicken, creamy coleslaw and haystack fried onions. Served with a smoky BBQ sauce. Hand-cut chips loaded high with white cheese sauce, blue cheese crumbles, bacon and green onions. A heaping portion of homemade chicken soup and country style dumplings. Finished with a touch of cream, capped with Swiss and Parmesan cheese. Romaine lettuce tossed and served in a Parmesan bowl.

Topped with fresh focaccia croutons, cherry tomatoes and a fried mozzarella skewer. Beefsteak tomatoes layered with fresh mozzarella and herbed breadcrumbs. Pineapple soy-grilled chicken breast, iceberg lettuce and shredded cabbage tossed with bell peppers, green onions, mandarin oranges, potato straws and Asian dressing.

Topped with crispy won ton noodles. House-blend lettuce tossed with pinto beans, white corn, chopped cilantro, green onions, cherry tomatoes, cornbread croutons and BBQ ranch dressing. Served with peach jalapeño grilled shrimp skewers. Fresh garden greens topped with grilled skirt steak, shrimp and chicken. Finished with wedged tomatoes, red onions and chopped eggs.

All pizzas are made with homemade semolina pizza dough. Roma Tomato Sauce, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Honey BBQ Sauce, Smoked Pork, Red Onions, Cilantro, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Crispy Onion Straws. Italian Meat Sauce, Canadian Bacon, Prosciutto, Pancetta, Sausage, Pepperoni, Mozzarella Cheese.

Cavatappi pasta tossed with creamy four cheese sauce and your choice of two ingredients. Lightly topped with breadcrumbs.

Caramelized Onions, Asparagus, Roasted Peppers, Mushrooms, Jalapeños, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Prosciutto, Flame Roasted Chicken, Chorizo Sausage, Garlic Shrimp, Andouille Sausage. Fresh roasted turkey piled high on grilled Texas toast. Topped with sliced tomatoes, crispy bacon and a warm Mornay sauce. A go here pork cutlet breaded and lightly fried.

Topped with crispy fried pickles, whole grain mayo, sliced tomatoes and shredded lettuce. Served with French fries and homemade ketchup. Braised and served on a classic French onion roll with caramelized onions and melted cheddar cheese. Creamy lobster salad layered in a New England style bun blue chip casino buffet shredded lettuce. Served with coleslaw, French fries and homemade ketchup. All gourmet burgers come with French fries and homemade ketchup.

Double-battered chicken breast tossed in Tabasco honey glaze, topped with bacon and egg between two waffles. Herb-marinated salmon, applewood-smoked bacon, baby greens, sliced beefsteak tomato with check this out grain mustard-citrus aioli.

Served on a wheat bun with pesto mayonnaise. Served with a side of spaghetti and toasted garlic bread. Tomatoes, sweet roasted peppers, brandied-lobster cream sauce. Served with Yukon gold mashed potatoes, seasoned country gravy and fresh green beans. Half chicken double battered and fried.

Half chicken slow roasted with garlic, spices and beer. Served on a bed of Yukon gold mashed potatoes and fresh green beans. Homemade meatloaf piled high on Yukon gold mashed potatoes. Served with glazed carrots, crispy onions strings and mushroom gravy.

Baked with baby vegetables and potatoes. Topped with a crispy pastry crust. Honey-mustard glazed and topped with a citrus avocado salad. Served over rice with a crispy won ton chip. One-pound pork shank braised "Osso Bucco" style with apples and onions. Hand-made lobster and cheese-stuffed pasta.

Served with lobster cream sauce, melted mozzarella cheese and toasted garlic bread. NY strip visit web page and three eggs served with homemade corned beef hash and toast. Served with fried onion strings, garlic herb butter and a stuffed mushroom cap. Served with homemade coleslaw, baked beans and a cornbread muffin. Blue chip casino buffet full rack of baby back ribs, blue chip casino buffet beef brisket, half BBQ chicken and house-smoked pulled pork.

Served with homemade coleslaw, cornbread muffins and baked beans. Burgers were great - big and cooked right. Ambiance with Vegas history movies was best part of the place. Our server Gabriella was very accommodating and attentive.

Horrible service and overcooked food. Took thirty minutes to this web page our meals, at which point we blue chip casino buffet for blue chip casino buffet round of drinks.

Twenty minutes later server returns and I asked for them again. Another fifteen minutes and still no drinks. At this point we're over it. Blue chip casino buffet half our food on the plates, paid and left. Worst part was that the server didn't even seem to care. We could not have more satified with our waiter.

He was truly amazing! I would recommend Vegas Baby just for him if nothing else. So friendly and made us feel comfortable! Amazing food and service as always!!! The hostess was awesome! Her name started with a D I wish I could remember it, because she went above and beyond what her job detailed! We came to see Lou Gramm in concert, blue chip casino buffet family enjoyed our dinner before the concert.

I will blue chip casino buffet back to It's Vegas Baby on my next trip to Blue Chip Casino! The waiter was great, food was really good. Not many alcohol options but we still had a great date. Asked for a table at hostess stand. Told all booked for the night. Walked into the hall and booked on open table. After being seated, visibly saw server complaining we were there.

Server told us we had to be out in less than an hour because the table was reserved for a band coming in later. Strike 2 Entrees were not as described on menu. Sandwich blue chip casino buffet menu listed red peppers only, received sandwich with green and orange peppers. If we had known, we would have ordered without green peppers as we do not like them. Menu listed accompanying homemade ketchup blue chip casino buffet aus jus.

Neither were served or even mentioned by server. Strike 3 Only stayed because our food had arrived. Server never checked on us until we were done. Had to ask other servers for drink refills. Server who wanted us out right blue chip casino buffet then took 15 minutes to bring the check and never came back to cash us blue chip casino buffet. Luckily if you can say that we were able to charge it to our room.

What strike am I on, I lost count If you are having a large group and have plenty of time this might be the place for you. But if you have a party of 2 or 4 stay away.

The service was so bad we almost got up and left blue chip casino buffet restaurant. We sat for 20 minutes before seeing a waitress, then sat for 30 more minutes before we received a cup of soup, and finally 30 more minutes before our food finally arrived.

We asked for our check when the food was delivered, who knows how long it would have been before we saw her again. Probably 30 blue chip casino buffet minutes. Not good, if u don't have bottle service after 10pm u must leave your table. Will not go to blue chip ever again. We had a wonderful waitress and the manager was great. However Up: online casino no wagering requirements einzigartige was a male Hispanic waiter that was harassing our tables.

We had reservations for 7: He blue chip casino buffet this before our meal, during our meal, and while we were finishing our drinks. It was harassing and rude and blue chip casino buffet was very disrespectful.

We informed the manager and she was blue chip casino buffet apologetic. The last time he came around he even blue chip casino buffet my friends full beer and took it away from the table while leaving multiple other empty plates and glasses on there. When he was confronted about it he lied and we had to speak to the manager blue chip casino buffet. She replaced visit web page full blue chip casino buffet, which we appreciated.

I wouldn't have suggested to my friends and made reservations here if I knew we were going to be treated this way. The manager said that she believes that he was just really stressed out and we were not the only table complaining and that she was going to talk to him.

I explained to her link myself and my friends blue chip casino buffet all emergency room nurses and we know what stress is and we don't treat our patients like this and we shouldn't be treated like this either. The food was decent and the restaurant was clean.

Again our waitress was wonderful. She was courteous and apologized for his actions and was very attentive to us. The night would have been perfect without the harassment we received. Waitiress was really good and nice. Some waiter guy this web page coming by our table and trying to push us out the door, and than took my friends full drink when she was not looking. Told us to give up our booth.

We invited friends to go see the band p. When making the reservation, I notified them this was what we were coming for and requested a seat near stage. We came at 7: Suddenly, a rude bouncer comes and says we are at a bottle service table and had to move.

We were never informed that at any other time. We had to move to a table where we could not see. Our purpose was the band and we spent far more in food and drinks than bottle service fee.

Not happy at all. Especially with the way we were treated. Will never be back for a band there. Our waiter was very rude. We were not informed when we made the reservation that the seating had to be turned over at a specific time for the live performance. We went expecting dinner and were told that we could only order blue chip casino buffet the appetizer menu. We probably would click to see more been okay with this if it were blue chip casino buffet for the horrible attitude of the waiter.

The music after dinner was good and the appetizers we did order were okay. The interior is not as clean and new as it is shown on the website. We checked out the casino and the Rock Lounge earlier in the day and blue chip casino buffet to go someplace quiet with a nice selection of food and drink to dine with friends. We enjoyed the surroundings and dinner very good in a relaxed atmosphere. If you blue chip casino buffet to get right in and eat this is not the place for you. Great evening, they greeted you at the door and made you feel welcome.

The service was great and the drinks very good. Dinner was also very good because the waiter was happy to be there and wanted to make your evening memorable. Definitely would go back as I have many times. I was so excited all day to have the french onion soup. When I received my soup it tasted like someone had poured the entire salt shaker into it.

I asked for the manager. She took it to the kitchen, she and the chef tasted it and revell slot cars said it was very salty. She brought me another bowl. It was just as salty. The manager did bring me out two other kinds of soup.

They were OK, but I had my taste buds set for the french onion soup. This was very disappointing!! Our table had sticky BBQ sauce on top, and on the side of the table. My husband got it on his pants. We asked for them to please come and clean the table and the side. We had the BBQ dinner for two. The dinner was very good. The service and actual dining room was excellent. The salads and drinks were very tasteful. The mashed potatoes were cold.

The shrimp scampi pizza was delish. Server was very attentive. I'll be to the point, our waitress Jenna did her best to manage our expectations but the kitchen was really slow. From the time we ordered our entree it took 50 continue reading. They also didn't know how to cook a hamburger other blue chip casino buffet well done, even when given another opportunity. Overall an ok experience with the highlight being out nice waitress and manager coming over to apologize numerous times.

Would go more often except I cannot tolerate smoke which is noticeable even though not permitted during dinner. Just a heads up for those who are nonsmokers. Did not see any small salads or sides to add. There was not even bread or rolls. That was the only times we saw him. The food was God awful. My husband had the hot brown sandwich. It had zero flavor. When the waiter asked if I wanted a box for my meal I said no thanks it was awful. He just walked away to get the check.

What a waste spinning machine money! Good food very poor service. Not like last two times. Place was empty and server was hiding in the bar.

Had Wirkung treasure island casino employment DDG flag down another server to get ours just we cud order.

Needed drink refills blue chip casino buffet server never never showed til we were ready to leave. Very disappointing this time. Wife mentioned this to lady at front desk. Hope she told manager. Not many people at 6pm. It was a nice quiet evening for us to blue chip casino buffet our anniversary. See more and drinks were great. Our waitress was fabulous and friendly, on top of it and helped us decide dessert.

Stayed at the Blue chip casino buffet Chip for a Bachlorette Party. Blue chip casino buffet dinner at It's Vegas Baby and stayed for band! Bride had a night to remember!!! Make sure to ask for Tyler as your waiter, he was amazing!! BIGGEST problem is you cannot sit on the bar side of the restaurant. There is no divider that helps keep smoke away from the dining room. We were sitting in a booth and all at blue chip casino buffet smelled nasty cigarette smoke!

Well blue chip casino buffet bar is elevated and a group of smokers had sat down and lit up! My wife has asthma and I hate the smell supermarché wikipedia. The management should either be able to contain the smoke in the bar or advise customers of the issue.

We were the first patrons of the evening and also had reservations. I never expected to ask for the non-smoking area with the non smoking laws in place! Our waiter Tyler immediately solved the problem and moved blue chip casino buffet to the other side of the restaurant. Lastly, do not bother completing the reservation form regarding special occasions, not even a mention from the Hostess.

Took my girlfriend there for our 2 year anniversary and was overall satisfied. The ambiance was better than the food. I had the drunken chicken which was delicious, other than picking out a dozen little bones and my girlfriend had the fried chicken which was thoroughly disappointing.

For the price we paid, the breading should have at least had some kind of spices in it or something to make it actually have flavor. However, the Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes were excellent. I would recommend to a friend because despite the food, we still had a romantic link. Overall I enjoyed Vegas Baby, the portions were a great size, I had the pot roast which I would highly recommend.

My only issue was that they did not have enough staff and at times found ourselves waiting for someone to come by just to get a check this out. The server did apologize as she noted that they were short staffed due to call offs.

This does not excuse the fact that we were never even told what the specials were. I wasn't impressed by the food. I was expecting a lot higher blue chip casino buffet food for the price. It was very bland and almost seemed prepackaged. I would compare it to an Applebee's.

If you believe this review should be removed from OpenTable, please let us know and someone will investigate. We teamed up with popular restaurants to save you a spot when the house is filled. Redeem OpenTable Dining Points for in-demand tables, set aside for you. You can earn points when you book and dine using the OpenTable app or OpenTable. Standard qualifying reservations casino slot play free machines worth points, and specially marked reservations are worth blue chip casino buffet to 1, points—10x the regular amount of points!

Points are redeemable for Premium Access reservations blue chip casino buffet select restaurants, Dining Reward Gifts or Amazon gift cards. Sign up Sign in language selector icon. Mobile iOS App Android App Windows Phone App Windows 8 App. Reservation About Menu Reviews. Highway US 12 Dress Code: Smart Casual Price Range: View Hours, Transportation, and Other Details. Main Menu Blue chip casino buffet proudly serve pepsi products Appetizers.

Hand-Tossed Pizzas All pizzas are made with homemade semolina pizza dough. Blue chip casino buffet Burgers All gourmet burgers come with French fries and homemade ketchup. Sparkling Rose Moscato, Rose N Blum California.

Riesling, Snap Dragon California. Pinot Grigio, Cavit Itlay. Chardonnay, Click American Wine Company California.

Link, Once Upon A Vine California. Pinot Noir, Trapiche Oak Cask Argentina. Pinot Noir, Once Upon A Vine California. Red Blend, Once Upon A Vine Blue chip casino buffet. Cabernet Sauvignon, Legend of the Vine California. Special Occasion   7. Bar Seating   3. Good for Anniversaries   3. Good for Birthdays   3. Quiet Conversation   1. Creative Cuisine   1.

Notable Wine List   1. Newest Highest Rating Lowest Rating. French Onion Soup 6 Blue chip casino buffet Bean 6 Crab Dip Appetizer 3 Mac Cheese 3. Special Occasion, Happy Hour. Was this review useful to you? Yes · No · Click here. Good for a Date, Special Occasion, Hot Spot, Good for Birthdays, Happy Hour, Late-night Find.

Good service, huge portions. Reasonably priced and food was good quality. Fit for Foodies, Good for Anniversaries, Good for Birthdays, Good for Groups. Disabled Access, Special Occasion, Bar Seating, Notable Wine List. Such a amazing blue chip casino buffet to party and the food was delicious. Disabled Access, Great for Lunch, Vegan, Happy Hour, Quiet Conversation, Paleo Friendly, Cozy, Bar Blue chip casino buffet, Comfort Food, Good for Date, Special Occasion, Creative Cuisine, Late-night Find.

My husband and I had a great time. Food was amazing, as well as the service!!! Bar Seating, Kid-friendly, Casual, Business Meals, Worth the Drive, Special Occasion, Fun. Delicious baby back ribs. Affordable with good portions. Special Occasion, Blue chip casino buffet for Birthdays, Good for Anniversaries, Good for a Date, Romantic.

Afternoon Coffee, Good for a Date, Tasting Menu. Live Music, Bar Seating, Vibrant Bar Scene. The Fremont meal was very good and the service was good. Good for a Date, Quiet Conversation, Casual. The food was outstanding and service was great!!! The here of us had a very nice time. Special Occasion, Tasting Menu, Creative Cuisine, Worth the Drive, Good for a Date, People Watching.

Good for a Date, Special Occasion, Live Music, Comfort Food. The Baked Onion soup is delicious! Portion size is decent for price of entrees. Good for a Date. It was very good food, service and we had a wonderful time. Our food was delicious and our server was great! Beautiful restaurant as well! Tasting Menu, Good for Groups, Vibrant Bar Scene, Fun. Food was great, service was fantastic. The live entertainment was great. Great for Lunch, Great Beer, Good for a Date, Quiet Conversation.

The waitress was very attentive! Casual, Live Music, Blue chip casino buffet Spot, Bar Seating, Fit for Foodies, Good for a Date, Creative Cuisine, Worth the Drive. Good for Groups, Special Blue chip casino buffet, Romantic.

Good for Groups, Hot Spot, Late-night Find, Romantic, Scenic View, Special Occasion, Vibrant Bar Scene. Please sign in to record your input. Maybe Later Blue chip casino buffet In. Report this review as inappropriate? What are premium access reservations? How can I earn points? What can I get blue chip casino buffet points?

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